BrandMeister vs DMR-MARC vs DMRplus

BrandMeister vs DMR-MARC vs DMRplus
Tell me about the following DMR networks

Digital Mobile Radio, DMR, is a new standard that has been developed by ETSI defining digital standard for PMR. PMR, an acronym for Professional, Personal, or Private mobile radio is recognised as the term covering radio communications other than mobile telephones.

(DMR aka Digital Mobile Radio)

BrandMeister -
On the BrandMeister network static talkgroups are configured by repeater operators. These talkgroups are similar to always-­on talkgroups. They will always transmit when there is traffic.
These are the only talkgroups that must be configured by repeater operators.

Dynamic talkgroups are just that. When a user keys up on a dynamic talkgroup the
BrandMeister system creates a subscription for that talkgroup on that repeater. Then, for 15
minutes, the system will send audio for that talkgroup to the repeater. 15 minutes after the last
transmission on a given repeater, that talkgroup will be dropped from the repeater.
Users have the ability to key up on any talkgroup and use it.  15 minutes later the
connection would drop. Interestingly, the timeslot is not important. The network will route the
audio to the repeater and transmit on the same timeslot. It is recommended that timeslot 1 be used for wide area conversations leaving timeslot 2 available to local communications

On the C­Bridge network each repeater is configured with a set of talkgroups. There are
“always­-on” and “user activated” (or push-­to­-talk) groups. These are configured at the C­Bridge
and cannot be modified by users from their radios.  c-Bridge is an IP-based platform by Rayfield Communications for enhancing the functionality of Motorola MOTOTRBO digital communications systems.

DMRplus -

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